Man Bumping Into His Doppelganger on Vacation Goes Viral: ‘In a Simulation’ – Newsweek


Two men have entertained online after discovering one another in a Las Vegas pool. The interesting part? They look exactly alike.

The two men have gone viral on Reddit, with just under 100,000 votes on the image in less than a week, and for good reason. Standing next to one another, it’s hard to spot any differences.

In fact, they look so alike that it’s left doppelganger Sean Mcardle claiming that he’s now sure that “we are definitely in a simulation.”

“Today I randomly swam past my ‘doppelseaner’ at the Flamingo pool in Vegas,” he captioned the photo. The two men were sporting similar hats and glasses, along with their near-on identical faces, including their facial hair and smiles.

Mcardle explained that he was casually swimming in the pool when he noticed a group of strangers pointing at him and laughing. “I got really self conscious,” he admitted in a comment.

He then looked back at his own friends and spotted them also pointing and laughing. “That’s when I saw him,” he wrote.

“I immediately thought ‘holy s**t, that guy looks like the dude I see in the mirror,’ and my second thought was ‘he looks cooler than me.’ Probably has real Clubmaster Ray Bans unlike my Zenni knock offs,” he joked.

Reddit users were left just as shocked by the similarities as the two men and their friends were, flooding the comments with jokes of potential adoptions and cloning.

“Time to do a Parent Trap,” wrote one user.

“Is there a lab somewhere growing Seth Rogens??” joked another.

Finding an exact doppelganger is extremely unlikely. In fact, The University of Adelaide’s Dr Teghan Lucas estimated that there’s just a one in 135 chance of a single pair of doppelgangers existing on earth. This statistic however is based on two people who look exactly alike: scientifically, not just to the ordinary eye.

According to Twin Strangers however, finding someone most people would class as a “doppelganger” is easier. The facial recognition software site claims that there are at least nine million “doppelgangers” in the world, making around a 0.11 percent chance of any person having their own “twin” appearance-wise.

The internet has of course made this mission far easier for some. Last year, as reported by Newsweek, two women went viral online after seemingly finding their impressive doppelgangers through TikTok.

TikTok user @yallitstay duetted another creator’s video, who looked like the spitting image of her. “I thought you was me! Holy sh*t. Holy sh*t. You ain’t me!” she wrote on-screen.

Newsweek has contacted Sean Mcardle for comment.